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Pray & Share


There are many ways that you can partner with Agape, but at the top of the list, we ask that it be to pray for our ministry. We acknowledge that the solution to the crisis to care for vulnerable children is beyond our own ability. Therefore we appeal to the throne of Heaven, asking God to do what only He can do. He alone has the power to turn the human heart, heal and restore, provide and protect. Prayer is our highest calling and the only true hope.

  1. Pray for the biological parents of children who are in foster care. Pray that God would draw these parents to Himself and that they would experience the life transformation that will allow them to parent their children well. Pray they find the support and resources needed and that they be treated with dignity by all those involved.
  2. Pray for children in foster care. Pray that they experience God’s love through the love and care given to them by their foster family and others involved in their case. Pray that God will heal the deep hurts these children have and protect them from future harm. Pray that God will provide each of them permanency either through their biological families or through adoption.
  3. Pray for our foster parents. Pray that they be godly men and women equally committed to reunification and adoption when necessary, trusting God alone for the outcome He desires. Pray that they would not lose heart and be diligent in seeking justice for the children in their care. Pray that they experience God’s grace and wisdom as they parent their children.
  4. Pray for the workers – the social workers, judges, attorneys, guardian ad litem, court appointed special advocates (CASA) and all involved with the best interest of children in foster care. Ask the Lord to burden their heart to protect and provide for these children. Pray that God grants them wisdom and compassion. Pray that they find joy in their work and not grow weary in doing good. Pray for our government to place a high priority on children’s best interest and to act in a timely manner so that children do not languish in the system.
  5. Pray for families in the adoption process. Pray that the Lord provides the needed funds and helps them with all of the necessary details. Ask God to give them the patience and perseverance needed as they wait. Pray that God begins preparing their heart and their child’s heart to bond and attach in a healthy way.
  6. Pray for the woman who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy. Pray she will seek godly counsel and make a plan for life for her unborn child. Ask the Lord to give her wisdom and grace as she makes a plan for her child either to parent or to place for adoption in a Christian home.
  7. Pray for Agape as we minister to all these mentioned above. Ask the Lord to give us grace, mercy and wisdom each day. Pray that our hearts would align with the Father’s heart and that we would be patient and open to whatever God calls us to do. Pray for the necessary funding to continue to effectively help women and vulnerable children.


Agape’s mission is to help vulnerable children find permanency in a loving Christian home. You can be a part of that mission by becoming an advocate and voice for the vulnerable and hurting. Here are some ways that you can share Agape’s message of hope.

  1. Commit to pray every day, lifting your voice to the Father on behalf of Agape’s ministry.
  2. Advocate for children’s needs by sharing ways to help Agape with your friends, church, small group/Sunday school class, co-workers, etc. (Christmas gifts, school supplies, clothing needs, etc.).
  3. Host a 1:27 Dinner, where you invite your friends and share why you support Agape.
  4. Plan an event/dinner/speaker for/at your church to raise awareness about the need for foster and adoptive families (or raise awareness about Agape).
  5. Start a small group ministry at your church with the main focus being to serve vulnerable children and the families who care for them (WRAP program). Agape is here to encourage and help you organize this group.
  6. Help Agape by asking your church to host a prayer service, informational meeting, workshop, or conference about adoption or foster care.
  7. Take a meal to a birth mother, foster family, or newly adoptive family.

Adoption Services

With over 30 years of experience in domestic and international adoption, Agape provides prospective adoptive parents valuable insight into the joys and realities of the process