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Domestic Adoption

Immediate Need:

African American and Interracial Couples needed for domestic adoption. Agape of Central Alabama tries to maintain a variety of families (demographic, race, abilities, family dynamic) in our pool in order to meet the needs of each child in a timely manner. Some of our birth moms request an adoption plan with an African American or Interracial Couple. We’d like your help in honoring these moms’ requests to the best of our ability.

If you are an African American or Interracial Family and interested in adopting an African American or Biracial child, please pray about this decision and contact Caitlin Inman at cinman@agapeforchildren.org.

Agape is a huge supporter of family diversity. This need does not represent a desire for non-diversity.

The Process

One of Agape’s ministries is serving women who are pregnant. These women may find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy and do not feel that they are able to parent the child at this point in their lives. Agape’s social workers provide non-directive, free counseling to pregnant women. We also serve them by providing case management services that help to alleviate some of the areas of stress in their lives. Examples of these services include: access to prenatal care, housing needs, transportation…If the woman decides that making an adoption plan is the best decision for her child, we at Agape will use our prospective adoptive parent(s) as a means to provide a permanent, loving, nurturing, Christian home for the child.

Agape maintains a list of approved, waiting prospective adoptive parent(s) who desire to minister to infant children through an adoption placement. In order to keep the wait time for adoption reasonable (approximately two to three years) and to provide quality service to the waiting parent(s), the social workers at Agape will periodically close the waiting list. As adoptive placements occur, intake will open to replenish the waiting list of prospective adoptive parent(s).

Eligibility Criteria for Prospective Adoptive Parent(s):

  • Residents of central or south Alabama;
  • Good health, as confirmed by medical exams;
  • Faithful, active Christian(s) whose life/lives are consistent with Agape’s Statement of Affirmation;
  • Married for a minimum of 3 years (if married)
  • At least 21 years of age

The process of domestic adoption through Agape would generally be as follows:

  • Review eligibility requirements with an Agape representative and submit Application for Services.
  • Begin gathering paperwork for the home study. This process includes: obtaining medical exams, criminal background clearances, parent-preparation training, and gathering financial and identification verifications.
  • A minimum of 2 home visits with an Agape social worker to complete the home study process.
  • Prepare a “Dear Birth Parent” profile with Agape’s assistance.
  • Wait period of approximately 2-3 years.
  • Post placement visits, legal services for finalization coordinated by Agape.
  • Post placement counseling and support.

If you are interested in domestic adoption, please contact the worker at the office nearest you.

Birmingham: Caitlin Inman, cinman@agapeforchildren.org, 205-733-9755

Enterprise: Linda Sanders, lsanders@agapeforchildren.org, 334-393-1990

Montgomery: Carol Esco, cesco@agapeforchildren.org, 334-272-9466


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