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Pregnancy Options and Assistance

I’m pregnant, what are my choices?
You have choices! Agape counselors are available to help you gather information regarding your options so you can make an informed decision for you and your child, whether it is parenting your baby or making an adoption plan.
Even if you are sure you want to parent your child, we would love to talk with you and help you plan and know what resources are available for you and your child. Navigating an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy can be scary on your own. Talking with our counselors doesn’t obligate you in any way to place your baby for adoption.

Our Maternity Services Workers are here for you to talk to.

Are you closer to the Montgomery Area?

Call or text—day or night— to 334 322-5409 to talk to Nancy. You can also email Nancy, nguilford@agapeforchildren.org

Birmingham Area? Call or text—day or night— to 205-834-3975 to talk to Edie. You can also email Edie, ekortman@agapeforchildren.org


Are you dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and worried about your future?
Are you concerned about how you will provide for your baby?
Are you trying to decide if parenting your child is the best option for you and your baby?

You do not have to travel this journey on your own. We understand that this can be a confusing, frustrating, and scary time. Family and friends will have an opinion on what you should do. Agape counselors are here to help you explore your option of parenting in a non-threatening environment free of the pressures of others. If parenting your child is your decision, we would love the chance to help you accomplish this goal. After all, you want to be the best parent that you can be and be as prepared as possible. However, this pregnancy may be unexpected and this may not be the right time in your life to be raising a child, and we will assist you in exploring all your options for your child.


You’re pregnant and didn’t plan it. Now what?
Adoption may be an option you are considering, or you may just be wondering what adoption is like. Whatever your thoughts, it is good to have information about all your choices before making a decision. Adoption may be a good choice for you and your baby. Making an adoption plan for your child doesn’t mean you don’t love your baby or are taking the easy way out. What it does mean is that you are thinking about how to best meet your and your baby’s needs today and in the future.
Why consider working with Agape? What makes Agape different is that our goal is not seeking out babies to place for adoption, but providing a woman with an unexpected pregnancy with the opportunity to make a plan for her life and the life of her baby.

Need to Talk?

If you’re facing a crisis pregnancy, we’re ready to offer hope – and help.